A World Where Everyone Gets What They Deserve
Don’t Get Mad . . . Get Even!

Introduction 2 CyberJustice (R)

Among all the intelligent races in the Galaxies, humans are first in one skill: THE ABILITY TO REALLY IRRITATE ONE ANOTHER. This skill, known throughout the Galaxy as “that intolerable tickoff trait” is why Earthlings are disproportionately responsible for generating Karmic Boomerang Effects (or KBE’s.).
The Arkons, a highly evolved group of scientists, mystics and explorers who lived long ago, in a place called Lemuria, realized that the cumulative impact of the KBE’s had thrown the Universe off balance. Although the seat of Arkon civilization moved to a parallel universe, the Arkons remained concerned, because what you do on your planet can affect the entire universe. And if Earth blows it, well … there goes the Galaxy.
The Arkons’ remedy wasn’t to organize an alien attack or a win the war of the worlds. It was something more subtle. They built CyberJustice(R), an Internet Information Outpost created to guide the evolution of humanity, balancing the forces of good and evil so humanity could evolve. This WEBSite is the modern incarnation of an ancient site, the Courts of Karmic Justice (and it’s partners in crime and punishment, CyberJustice and QuikJustice). It provides a place where humans can right all the wrongs and reward all the rights and balance the cosmic books. For the first time in human history, humans can participate in the cosmic weigh-in.
The Arkons relied on (in fact, they created) the Laws of Karma. These Laws balance the forces of good and evil in the Physical Plane. (They use other tools in other planes, particularly the Plane to NoWhere, which began on a rainy plane in Spain.) The Laws of Karma are simple: Action causes Reaction … and Every Act Has Its Consequences.
If you do something GOOD (and/or someone else does), the positive vibrations influence our entire universe, providing a balance to the negative vibrations. The consequence of that delicate balancing act is that You will experience the positive consequences of the good you, and others, accomplish. If you do something BAD (or someone else does) negative vibrations are created which influence the universe in negative ways until the Karmic Consequences of the bad have been balanced. In other words, even on the Cosmic Scale, There’s No Free Lunch.
(On the other hand, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or karmically speaking, the right place during someone else’s unfortunate consequence is also a concern). It’s pretty clear that it’s in all our interests to keep the Karmic Balance positive. When someone does something bad to you, you owe it to the rest of us to balance that person’s karma by making sure S/He experiences the consequences as quickly, effectively and nonviolently as possible. Everyone in the world gets angry at some time, so You must right the wrong(s) and balance the Cosmic Books at once!
Why sit and stew (broil, bake, saute or get fried) over the injustices of life on Earth, when the entire universe can benefit from your taking action? In CyberJustice(R) all wrongs can be righted and punished and all rights can be virtually rewarded. Don’t get mad … get even — in CyberJustice(R), the World Where Everyone Gets What They Deserve!
Don’t Get MAD … GET EVEN!
A World Where Everybody Gets What They Deserve
The Lady who usually holds The Scales of Justice may be blindfolded … but she hasn’t lost her sense of humor.
Among all intelligent life in the Galaxies, humans are first in one skill: THE ABILITY TO REALLY IRRITATE ONE ANOTHER.
CyberJustice’s COURTS Of ONLINE JUSTICE will soon be open! ENTER & be Entertained! Enlightened! Virtually Avenged!


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